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Audio City Tours Oxford


An audio tour through the lovely beautiful town of Oxford, one of the main centres of learning in Great Brittan. Learn about the historic centre, the great learning institutes and the pubs.

€ 5,00
Aletta Schreuders The Cat-A-Day Tales

The Cat-A-Day Tales

De dagelijkse avonturen van 4 kittens worden bezongen in 13 songs, geschreven en uitgevoerd door onder anderen Anne Soldaat (Daryll-Ann), Petter Folkendal (Sergeant Petter) en Berend Dubbe. Engelstalig. Spreker(s): Anne Soldaat, Miss Bee, Petter Folkedal,

€ 10,35
David Beckett Pitch to win

Pitch to win

The big pitch is coming up. You've got just a few minutes to convince that investor or your Board, that your idea is worth investing money, time and people in. What should you say? How should you say it? Spreker(s): David Beckett

€ 25,00
Dennis R. Horner The Christian Religion

The Christian Religion

Twenty-eight unacceptable mysteries to the intelligent man and Why doesn't God give a damn? This audiobook does not deny the existence of God; it merely asks why we should believe in a God who appears not to care. Spreker(s): Bruce Cullen

€ 15,00
Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot in One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Hercule Poirot in One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Poirot is astonished to receive a call, informing him that Mr Morley, the dentist, has shot himself. There was no reason to commit suicide, and Poirot believes he was murdered, but who would want to kill an inoffensive dentist? Spreker(s): Full Cast, with

€ 13,90
Charles Perrault Cinderella


Bewerking van de bekende sprookjes in hoorspelvorm. 'Cinderella' en twee andere sprookjes. Engelstalig. Leeftijd: 4+ Spreker(s): Paul Bentali, Katy Riding, Olivia Carruthers, Richard Hodder

€ 7,95
SoundSeeing SoundSeeing Amsterdam (EN)

SoundSeeing Amsterdam (EN)

10 Enthralling stories about 10 top Amsterdam highlights historic and cultural listening pleasure. Spreker(s): Jantine van den Bosch

€ 14,95
Liliane Pelzman And No More Sorrow

And No More Sorrow

We follow Sonja, who lost her family and husband during World War II. Her story is an avid testimony to a period in recent history that did take place and should serve as a warning for generations to come. Spreker(s): Bonnie Perkinson

€ 12,00
Audio City Tours Old Amsterdam

Old Amsterdam

An audio tour through the bustling Dutch capital. Learn why it is such a popular destination: modern and progressive on the one hand, very authentic and cozy on the other. Spreker(s): Gyan Gowland

€ 8,50
Roy Martina Effortlessly Slim

Effortlessly Slim

This audio book helps you to let go of emotional blockages and beliefs, which supports you to lose weight effortlessly. Engelstalig Spreker(s): Roy Martina

€ 8,00
Oscar Felix Those were the Days

Those were the Days

After an adventurous journey, Oscar Felix (1893-1980) ends up in Santa Monica, California and instantly knows he is home. He was lucky to escape, before every Jew in his hometown Brailov was buried alive by the Nazis. Spreker(s): Alex Hyde-White

€ 15,00
Jules Verne 20.000 leagues under the sea

20.000 leagues under the sea

De klassieke sciencefictionroman van de Franse schrijver Jules Verne. Engels gesproken hoorspel Spreker(s): Sarah McCullough, Richard Banham, Georgia Riley

€ 6,95
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